(Communicated by Israel security sources)
Maharan Omar Shucat Abu Hamis, 21 years old, from the refugee camp of In Beit Ilma in Nablus, worked as an operative in an organization which planned to carry out a terror attack in Jerusale; he was arrested today, February 10, 2005, during a joint operation involving the ISA and the IDF.

Maharan started his career in terrorist activity when he was asked to carry out a suicide attack, in collaboration with the terrorist organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The attack was never carried out. Following this attempt, Maharan tried to solidify his position in the Hamas terror organization, but after arguing with different Hamas members, he turned to the Tanzim and PFLP operatives in Nablus.

 Maharan was involved in recruiting suicide bombers for attacks in the area of Nablus and inside Israel. Maharan worked together with the wanted Tanzim operative Daud Katuny, responsible for a suicide attack and an explosive device attack activated by cell phone inside Israel, both of which were thwarted by security forces between August and October 2004. A suicide attack and another attack of an explosive device which was supposed to be detonated by a cell phone. In addition, Maharan worked with PFLP operatives in Nablus in carrying out terror attacks, among them Bashar Hanani.

In December 2004, Maharan was involved in dispatching a suicide attack, in cooperation with Tanzim operatives from Jenin. This terror attack was thwarted when the terrorist selected to carry out the attack was arrested.     

Maharan’s Recent Activities

In the last two weeks Maharan attempted to carry out another suicide attack. The target of the suicide attack was a crowded bus in French Hill in Jerusalem. During IDF and ISA activity aimed at thwarting the suicide attack, four people who were involved in the suicide attack were arrested. Among those arrested were the suicide bomber and his driver, both recruited into Hamas by Maharan. During the questioning of those arrested, it was revealed that the suicide bomber, Adham Anatzer Mahmad Ramaha, a 17 year old from Nablus, was going to cross through checkpoints into Jerusalem with an explosive belt strapped to his body. 

Investigation also revealed that Maharan recruited two other suicide bombers, and that his organization had in its possession weapons, including explosive belts.In the last few days, Maharan was in touch with other wanted Palestinians who refused to accept the conditions of a cease-fire; he had been planning on carrying out an attack with them which would have broken the current "Tahadiya" (calm period). Abu Hamis was arrested with a pistol and two grenades.