(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

During an IDF operation aimed at arresting senior wanted Islamic Jihad terrorists in the city of Jenin, forces arrived at the building where, according to IDF information, wanted terrorists were located. The forces called on the wanted men to exit the building, and when they did not do so, employed a number of methods in an attempt to bring the terrorists out. After 16 hours in which forces surrounded the building, the two wanted terrorists, Iyad Mahmoud Houssein Abu El-Roub and Faras Hassan Abed El Kader Abu Roub, turned themselves in to IDF forces, waving a white flag as they emerged from the building.

In subsequent searches of the house, the forces uncovered two M-16 assault rifles, 21 matching ammunition clips and a number of grenades.

During the operation, there were many incidents in which riots erupted near the forces, to which they responded with riot-dispersal means. Palestinians also hurled explosive devices and firebombs at the security forces; in dozens of incidents gunmen opened fire at the soldiers. In response, security forces returned fire towards the attackers. Soldiers also found a number of prepared firebombs in the area.

In the course of the operation, three members of a special Border Police force were lightly wounded by shrapnel. Two of these men were evacuated to a hospital to receive further medical treatment.

Background Information
(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

Iyad Mahmad Abu El-Roub is responsible, among other attacks, for the suicide bombing in Hadera on October of this year, in which 6 Israeli civilians were murdered

In a joint IDF, Border Police and ISA arrest operation conducted tonight in the city of Jenin, forces arrested Iyad Mahmad Abou El-Roub, 31, a resident of Jilabun, and the head of Islamic Jihad in Jenin. Abu El-Roub was appointed to this position in November 2003, following the arrest of his predecessor, Amjed Abidi. Abidi had been responsible for the suicide bombing at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa. Until his arrest, Abu El-Roub served as Abidi’s deputy.

As part of his activity, Abu El-Roub cooperated with the head of Islamic Jihad in Tulkarm, Louay Sa’adi, who was killed on October 24th during an IDF attempt to arrest him. Abu El-Roub cooperated with the senior leaders of Islamic Jihad in the Jenin area and maintained contact with the headquarters of Islamic Jihad in Syria, which financed his activities.

In the last months, Israeli security forces received information stating that Iyad Abu El-Roub was staying in Kabatiya and was involved in Islamic Jihad’s infrastructure in the village – the same infrastructure which launched the deadly suicide bombing in Hadera. According to the information, Abu El-Roub was planning the execution of further suicide attacks inside Israel up to the time of his arrest.

Iyad Abu El-Roub directed and was involved in the planning of many suicide bombings and attacks against Israeli targets:

June 2003 – A suicide bombing in Sde Trumot, in which an Israeli civilian was murdered
September 2003 – A thwarted attempt to execute a car bombing.
December 2003 – A thwarted attempt to carry out a suicide bombing in a school in the town of Yoqne’am.
April 2004 – A thwarted attempt to carry out a suicide bombing in Jerusalem.
July 2004 – A thwarted attempt to carry out a terror attack at a gas station in the Jordan valley.
February 2005 – A suicide bombing at the Stage Club in Tel Aviv, in which 4 Israeli civilians were murdered and 52 wounded.
October 2005 – A suicide attack in the market of Hadera, in which 6 Israeli civilians were murdered and dozens were wounded.