Jerusalem, 27 July 1995


(Communicated by Civil Service Commission)

The Knesset plenum approved, in a second and third reading, Law Committee Chairman Dedi Zuker’s bill to amend the civil service law, which ensures affirmative action for women in the civil service. The main points of the law include:

1. Establishing the principle of proper representation of both men and women in the civil service.

2. Establishing the obligation of the Civil Service Commissioner to act for the advancement of proper representation of both men and women.

3. The Civil Service Commissioner will act with preference in tenders for members of that sex that is not represented, in places where candidates possess similar qualifications.

The law means that women will have preference in receiving and promotion in any case where they possess qualifications similar to to those of men. Today, about 60% of civil service employees are women, but their representation at senior levels is very low.

Civil Service Commissioner Yitzhak Gal-Noor, who actively participated in the process of drafting the legislations and set promotion of women to senior positions as one of the objectives of the reform in the civil service, welcomes the legislation and anticipates that within a few years there will be a noticeable change in the human profile of the civil service, in light of the fact that women will be given proper representation in senior

managerial positions.