Jerusalem, 8 February 1998


(Communicated by the Justice Ministry Spokeswoman)

The Cabinet today (Sunday), 8.2.98, approved the draft General Security Services Law, as proposed by Justice Minister Tzahi Hanegbi.

The draft law will soon be submitted to the Knesset plenum after its articles have been approved by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation.

During the Cabinet discussion, Justice Minister Hanegbi said: "The GSS law in the format in which it has been submitted to the Cabinet is without precedent anywhere in the world, in its scope and its thoroughness. The State of Israel places itself at the forefront of civilized countries, and anchors its secret services’ authorities, functions and goals in law."

The draft law details the methods by which ongoing and continuous parliamentary and government oversight of the GSS’s activities will be maintained. Similarly, the law provides for the appointment of the director of the GSS, the length of his/her term of office, how his/her term may be terminated, the appointment of a GSS comptroller, etc.