Cabinet Communique – March 13, 1994

At its weekly meeting of Sunday, March 13, 1994, the Cabinet made the following decisions:

A. The Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, the Inspector-General of the Israel Police and the Coordinator of Operations for Judea, Samaria and Gaza, reviewed current events in the framework of the Ministerial Defense and National Security Committee.

B. In accordance the proposal of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister and in conformity with the opinion presented by the Attorney-General, defense and police officials, the Government decided as follows:

"In accordance with its authority under Clause 8 of the Order for the Prevention of Terrorism, (1948), and supplementing the announcement published in the Official Gazette (No. 3305, Page 1436), the Government declares that the groups designated hereunder are terrorist organizations:

(a) The Kach Movement, whose central activists are today Baruch Marzel, No’am Federman and Tiran Pollak;

(b) The Kahane Chai Movement, whose central activists today are Binyamin Kahane, David Axelrod and Yekutiel Ben-Yaakov.

This announcement applies to the terrorist organizations detailed above as well as to any group of people acting to achieve aims of that nature, which the above-mentioned groups have been working to achieve, through means similar to those which the above-mentioned groups have used, even if they bear different names or designations, whether permanently or from time to time. In addition, this announcement will apply to factions or groups attached to the above-mentioned organizations."

C. The Government of Israel made the following decisions:

1. The Government of Israel reaffirms that at present, as in the past, it is solely responsible, by means of the Israel Defense Forces and the Israel Police, for the security of all inhabitants, both Jewish and Arab, of the territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The Government of Israel intends to continue taking all measures necessary to ensure security, within the boundaries of the law. It reaffirms its commitment to promote maximum security to all residents, and to act with its full authority to prevent a repetition of any acts of murder. Also, it will continue to act to prevent harm to Jews and Arabs.

2. The IDF and the security forces have been directed to act accordingly, using all legal and security means.

3. The Prime Minister and Minister of Defense will report to the Ministerial Committee for National Security about the measures taken and about additional measures if they are necessary.

4. With the completion of the negotiations on the Gaza-Jericho Agreement, a Palestinian police force will be established which will take responsibility for the security of the Arab residents of those areas. During the transition period, the necessary measures will be taken to ensure that a security vacuum is not created.

5. The Government calls upon all residents to show vigilance and act responsibly, in order to help establish peace and security throughout the country.