Chair of the Economic Affairs Committee, MK Avishay Braverman, during the opening of the discussion on food prices: ”From 2005 until April 2013, the real price of food prices in Israel rose to their highest level amongst the countries of the EU and the United States according to the Knesset Center for Research and Information. The food prices were the trigger, the straw that broke the camel`s back and brought hundreds of thousands to the streets and inspired legislation on the topic, important for all citizens. In the last week we have heard that the government is weighing taking the topic of competition in the food market and sending it to the Economic Affairs Subcommittee. This is a contrivance that is unusual, extraordinary and unprecedented in the history of the Knesset. It has been years since there has been such blatant disregard of Knesset rules and the separation of authorities between the committees.”

”I spoke with Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid, and I explained to him that this is the beginning of a war against the Knesset. I ask all of the parties to support the Economic Affairs Committee in its struggle to keep this debate within the committee, which has already debated the issue. For many years, the topic of competition was always at the core of the Economic Affairs Committee`s role. There is a need to respect the Knesset and the rules of democracy.”

Professor Braverman also referred to Minister of the Economy, Naftali Bennett and asked that he not cooperate in this process.

Bennett promised to investigate the matter immediately. He added that ”the budget and the cuts alone do not build an economy. The cuts are essential, but will not build an economy.”