The Northern District Physician has signed a Closure Order served upon a Pharmacy in the North, after Medications from an Unknown Source were Found in it ​

On 18-Mar-13, a team from the Enforcement and Supervision Division of the Ministry of Health conducted an inspection at the "Annan Pharm" Pharmacy in the town of Abu Snan in the North.
On the premises, tablets of a product called "Tiger King" were found. This is a product that is forbidden to be marketed in Israel, and it contains a therapeutic substance.
The Ministry of Health has warned the public against the use of this product, which could contain the active therapeutic agent "sildenafil" (the active ingredient in Viagra).
Additionally, packages of various medications, containing psychotropic medications, were found on the premises. The labels were removed from some of these in order to obscure the source of the medications. A check made in the pharmacy’s computer revealed quantitative differences between the quantities recorded in the computer as having been purchased and the quantities actually found in the drawers. This discrepancy indicates purchase made from non-authorized sources. 
The pharmacist at the premises was unable to explain the reason for the presence of these forbidden products.
The District Pharmacist, Mgr. Hisham Zaher, recommended the serving of an immediate Closure Order, after he determined that the findings constitute a danger to public safety.
The District Physician, Dr. Michal Cohen-Dar, accepted the recommendation and signed the Closure Order for the pharmacy.