Southern District Physician signs a Closure Order served upon the “Maafe Tov” Bakery in Ashdod ​

Today, in the framework of supervisory worked performed by the Food Service Department of the Ashkelon Bureau, an inspection team attended the “Maafe Tov Umotzerav Ltd.” Bakery at 44 Ha’avoda St., Ashdod.
During the inspection, a very unsatisfactory sanitary situation was discovered, and serious deficiencies were seen, bringing the inspectors and the Regional Physician to set up an immediate hearing for the owners of the business.
A hearing was immediately set up for this evening, which was held at 17:00.
In the absence of any understanding on the part of the business owner regarding the requirements for running such a food business, the District Physician, Dr. Gdalevich, decided to immediately issue the administrative closure order.
The District Physician and the staff gave the owner of the business an extensive explanation of the reasons for issuing the order, and the need for cleanliness, the rectification of all deficiencies and the protection of public health.