Companies Survey, 2nd quarter, 2000


In the second quarter of 2000, the increase in activity reported by companies in manufacturing, transport and communications, hotels, business services, and trade continued and even strengthened. The construction industry was again an exception, with reports continuing to indicate reductions in activity, albeit less severe than in the previous quarter. The increase in manufacturing was very clearly based on the continued growth of exports, but domestic sales also advanced. Reports showed that the decline in construction included buildings and infrastructure. The rise in transport and communications occurred in all areas of transport, while in communications reports generally indicated a stable situation. Although the rise in hotels’ activity was based on tourist bed-nights for the third successive quarter, in this quarter there was also a certain increase in bednights of Israelis. Inflation expectations according to the survey rose:those for the next twelve months to 3.9 percent, average, and to 5.7 percent, in annual terms, for the next quarter.

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