​A conference marking 100 years of public medicine in Israel was held today in Tel Aviv, with the participation of some 300 senior members of the Israeli health system and representatives of 16 European OECD member countries. The conference was entitled: “Funding health systems and health services”.
In his welcoming speech, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised the health service under the leadership of MK Yaacov Litzman. 
The Prime Minister described the successes and achievements of the health system over the past three years, noting that they have been very  impressive, and by any yardstick place Israel in one of the highest positions in the world.
The Deputy Minister of Health, MK Yaacov Litzman, spoke of the need to increase the means available to the Ministry in order to improve the service given to the public. However, Litzman said, despite the limited budget the health system in Israel has made great achievements.
Prof. Ronny Gamzu, director general of the Ministry of Health, presented a research study carried out together with Mr. Nir Keidar and Dr. Haim Lavon, showing the OECD countries the optimal structure for health systems and how to achieve it, in such a way that adoption of this structure would contribute to adding years to life expectancy and save hundreds of millions of dollars to health systems around the world.
The study was based on data from all the OECD countries, and made use of a computerized model enabling a structure to be put together for each of the countries to streamline their health systems.
As mentioned, senior representatives of the OECD took part in the conference, as well as many economists and experts in the fields of health economics. The guest lecturer at the conference was Prof. Michael Auman, Nobel laureate in mathematics.
The conference will be continuing tomorrow.

Conference marking 100 years of public medicine in Israel held today in Tel Aviv