A raid carried out in Nazareth by the pharmaceutical crime fighting unit, found counterfeit drugs on sale

​Following information received at the pharmaceutical crime fighting unit in the Ministry of Health, that a health foods store named The Natural remedy (Hatrufa Hativ’it), on Paulus VI street in Nazareth, was selling drugs suspected as being counterfeit, the unit raided the location together with the Fraud Unit North of the Israel Police.


During the ensuing inspection, numerous counterfeit medicines were found there, primarily targeting impotency and weight loss, viagra and cialis, the counterfeit Chinese remedies Tiger King, Sharkessence tablets, and tablets named Man-Aminophenol, which have already been confiscated in the past a number of times, and which contained dangerously high levels of sildenafil and tadalafil – the active ingredients in viagra and cialis.


Counterfeit weight loss pills were also found, brand named Amana Care, which contain the active ingredient sibutramine, which has been forbidden for use by the Ministry of Health due to its severe side-effects, which include heart attacks, psychosis and even death.


The raid also found many types of creams and cosmetics which are not approved for use by the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health repeats its warning that using these products may be harmful to public health.

Counterfeit drugs have been found on sale in Nazareth
Counterfeit drugs have been found on sale in Nazareth