​After receiving information about illegal activity at a refrigeration house in Holon, where the expiry dates on foodstuffs were being changed, the Food Service department of the Tel Aviv health bureau took immediate action together with the business licensing department of the Holon municipality, with assistance from the municipal policing and supervision unit.
The inspection found that the original expiry date had been changed on the following product:

Processed cheese spread, net weight 200 grams,
Imported by: Sternman Foods Ltd., 4 Halahav Street, Holon,
Manufacturer: Value Ltd., Finland”.
The original expiry date of November 16, 2012 had been altered to August 26, 2013.
The goods were seized and following an order from the Ministry, activity in the site was halted.
The importer is now taking the necessary measures to recall the goods already within the marketing chain.
The Ministry will take legal measures against the suspects.
The Ministry of Health hereby notifies the public that the expiry date of the above product passed on November 16, 2012 and it must not be consumed.