Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, the first woman ever to be appointed to the position, visited the Knesset on Thursday as a guest of Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.

Edelstein met with Grabar-Kitarovic and her entourage in his office and said: ”We are pleased to welcome you, and we are aware that you are a true friend of Israel. Israel and Croatia have many shared interests – the commemoration of the Holocaust is an issue that Croatia is very much aware of.”

Addressing the nuclear deal with Iran, Edelstein told the visitors ”it is important to reiterate that this is not `Jewish paranoia`, but a real threat to world peace, and all of humanity should be very concerned about the agreement with Iran.”

Grabar-Kitarovic thanked Edelstein for the warm welcome, and mentioned that she and members of her entourage ”had a very special day yesterday” when they visited Yad Vashem. ”We will work to preserve the memory of the Holocaust, also so we can learn from the past and know to fight hatred, anti-Semitism and xenophobia of all kinds.”

The Croatian president further said that ”the global world necessitates cooperation between the countries on all these issues, as well as a joint war on the threat posed by terror organizations and extremist groups such as ISIS.”

Turning her attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Grabar-Kitarovic said Croatia supports a two-state solution, adding that the conflict ”must be resolved through dialogue.”

Grabar-Kitarovic is the fourth Croatian president since the country gained its independence in 1991. She served in the past as Foreign Minister and as Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy at NATO.