Czech Parliament Speaker, Miroslava Nemcova, who is known for her pro-Israel opinions and her commitment to commemorating the Holocaust in the Czech Republic, arrived today to the Knesset. Nemcova was accompanied by Minister of the Environment and Chairman of the Czech Republic – Israel Friendship Society Tomáš Chalupa, head of the opposition Bohuslav Sobotka and other MPs. The delegation met with Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin (Likud), with MK`s members Czech Republic – Israel Friendship Society and toured the exhibition set up in the Knesset marking the 70th anniversary of assassination of Nazi officer Reinhard Heydrich and reviews the relationship between the Czech Republic and the Jewish people.

Rivlin welcomed the delegation in the Knesset, and referring to Nemcova and Chalupa said: ”Today, when Israel is facing threats of modern destruction, it needs true friends. We find you true friends who are willing to stand firm in international forums and express their voices on behalf of Israel. You stand without hesitation against factions that are consistently striving destroy Israel and to undermine its legitimacy. ”

During the meeting with him, the Czech Parliament Speaker said to the Knesset Speaker: ”I feel obligated to tell the younger generation what happened to you as Jews, so that they will cope the at an early age with such phenomena, which are occurring today. I think that relations between us are extraordinary. We support unequivocally your ambitions to build a democratic state, and this support will continue. ”Nemcova invited Rivlin for an official visit in Prague.