Decision of the High Court of Justice
August 13, 2002

At the Supreme Court Sitting as the High Court of Justice

H.C. 7051/02 – A’

Appearing before:
  Justice Dalia Dorner

The Petitioners:

  1. Kifah Muhammad Ahmed Agouri
  2. Abd Al-Nasser Mustaffa Ahmed Assida
  3. The Center for the Protection of the Individual, established by Dr. Lota Zeltzburger


The Defendants:

  1. Commander of the IDF Forces in the West Bank
  2. Commander of the IDF Forces in the Gaza Strip

Petition for Issuance of an Order Nisi and Interlocutory Order


Order Nisi as requested.

For the state’s response within 15 days of receipt (days of the recess included in this amount).

An interlocutory order is hereby given to prevent the forced transfer of the petitioners to the Gaza Strip until the issuance of another decision regarding this petition.

Issued today, August 13, 2002.