Decision of the Tenders Committee regarding two Infant Formulas in Hospitals ​

Last Thursday, a dynamic tender process was held in respect of the supply of infant formula to hospitals. Three companies won the tender.
A decision of the Tenders Committee today determined that the first basket was won by Promedico (Similac), the second basket was won by Materna, and the third basket was won by Teva (Nutrilon).

Below is the distribution of baskets by hospital: 

Basket​ ​Hospital in which they are to be provided:
​1+2 ​Ichilov, Sheba, Asaf Harofeh
​1+3 ​Rambam, Nahariya, Hillel Yaffe, Wolfson
​2+3 ​Barzilai, Ziv, Poriya, Bnai Zion


Further to being notified of winning the tender, the companies will be called in to sign the contracts.
This constitutes a revolution in the milk substitutes market, which is expected to encourage competition, interest by the mother in the substitute that is preferable for her, and lowered prices in the market.
The Ministry of Health will assess the results of the reform within 6 months, and will decide regarding further steps needed.