The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, headed by MK Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud), unanimously approved on Wednesday the request of the minister of defense to recruit 1,400 Border Police reservist officers by way of emergency call-up notices, in an effort to boost security personnel in the wake of the recent wave of terror in Israel.

The representative of the Border Police, Commander Amir Cohen, told the committee that 850 reservists have been recruited so far. If necessary, more reservists would be available for immediate active service. Commander Cohen added that is seems that the recruited officers` motivation is high, and that nearly all of those who received emergency call-up notices have reported for duty.

”The combatants who were recruited went through a series of training sessions for the purpose of returning calm to our streets,” he said, while emphasizing that at this point there is no need to change the rules of engagement.

Hanegbi asked the representatives of the Ministry of Defense to inform the minister of defense that the committee is in favor of granting all of the recruited officers automatic exemptions from handing in periodic reports – such as the VAT report on the 15th of each month – as is required by the Extension Law.