Addressing a motion for the agenda on the ”deterioration of Israel`s foreign relations following the announcement on additional construction in the territories,” Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud-Yisrael Beitenu) said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ”has not changed his opinion regarding the unity of Jerusalem, and we need to build in Jerusalem in order to preserve the Jewish majority.”

During Wednesday`s Knesset plenum session, Elkin also addressed Defense Minister Moshe Ya`alon`s comments regarding US Secretary of State John Kerry`s peace plan. ”Instead of dealing with the substance of the remarks, the discussion dealt with the `juicy` aspect – who said what about whom. What the defense minister said was that the arrangement offered to us does not give us security – this is what should be discussed. The defense minister`s remarks led to a public debate on the American proposal that is being formulated, and it`s a shame that it turned into an argument about what was said about whom.

”It is the defense minister`s duty to be accountable to the Israeli voter, and he is obligated to provide security to the voter,” Elkin added.

Turning his attention to the European stance on the issue, Elkin mentioned that the European Union signed an agreement with Morocco on the Sahara region, ”and it has no problem with the fact that this is occupied territory. Suddenly everyone is silent. No one seems to mind when the EU invests in Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus. Is this not hypocrisy?”

Elkin called the EU`s attitude imbalanced and said he expects the Israel Labor Party to ”stand on the side of the Zionist consensus.”

Ten MKs voted in favor of transferring the motion for the agenda to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.