The Ministry of Health announces the destruction of meat at a butcher shop at “Machsaney Hashuk – Maadaney Gourmet” (Market Warehouses – Gournet Delicatessen), Tiberias, in the Tiberias industrial zone ​Today, November 12, 2012, inspectors from the Health Bureau North conducted an audit at Machsaney Hashuk – Gourmet Delicatessen Tiberias in the Tiberias industrial zone. 
The audit found unmarked products, lacking required permits and lacking the conditions required by law, in a manner which may be harmful to public health, and they were destroyed after a food destruction warrant was issued. In total, 55 kg of minced meat, poultry parts and prepackaged meat were destroyed. 
the Ministry of Health will continue to take the necessary enforcement measures, including legal proceedings, against this food business.