The Ministry of Health Announces the Destruction of Meat at the “Ma’ayan 2000” Grocery Store and Butchery at 162 Moshe Dayan Boulevard, in the Pisgat Ze’ev Neighborhood, Jerusalem ​

On 22-May-2013, inspectors from the Jerusalem Health Bureau conducted an inspection of the “Ma’ayan 2000” grocery store and butchery at 162 Moshe Dayan Boulevard, in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood, Jerusalem. During the inspection, meat products stored without required refrigeration and under poor sanitary conditions were found.
The processing, storage and marketing of meat products without the legally mandated proper conditions may be harmful to public health.
By order of the veterinary surgeon of the Jerusalem Health Bureau, some 11 kg of meat, poultry and fish were destroyed during the inspection.
The Ministry of Health will continue to take the necessary enforcement measures, including legal proceedings, against this food business.