The Ministry of Health announces the destruction of refrigerated fish marketed by “Israel Hadayag Fish marketing Ltd.” ​The Food Service of the Ministry of Health and representatives of the Tel Aviv local authorities conducted an inspection of the fish warehouse at “Israel Hadayag Fish marketing Ltd.” at no. 9 She’erit Hapleta street in Tel Aviv on February 5, 2013. This, following a report from the veterinary surgeons in the Gush Dan urban association, who conducted a pre-marketing inspection of refrigerated fish, which had been transported for marketing to the retail outlets by “Israel Hadayag Fish marketing Ltd.”.
The findings of the pre-marketing inspection and the inspection at the fish warehouse were that the sell-by date for the refrigerated fish was extended in contradiction of the law, and following instructions from the veterinary surgeons about 1,100 kg of fish of different kinds were were destroyed, primarily refrigerated Norwegian salmon.
The Ministry of Health will continue to take the necessary enforcement measures, including legal proceedings, against this food business.