​The Ministry of Health wishes you a Happy and Healthy Shavuot
Shavuot can be Celebrated with Festive and Healthy Food.

An important rule for festivals and for life: Measured in quantity, Varied and Balanced – this is the key to wise and healthy nutrition. A small slice of cheese cake weighing 100-120 grams can contain an average of 200-350 calories, depending on the ingredients that it is made from.
Below are a few rules that may be of assistance:
  • Drink water rather than sugar-sweetened beverages. It is recommended to add slices of lemon, orange, mint leaves or lemongrass to water, in order to obtain a refreshing taste.
  • It is recommended to reduce the percentage of fat and sodium in cheeses. In recipes that call for the use of soft white or salty cheese that is rich in fat- substitute this with cheeses that contain 3-5% fat, and prefer cheeses with lower sodium content. It is advisable to read the nutritional information labels in order to compare various products.
  • Yellow cheese – It is recommended to substitute cheeses that have 20% fat content with cheeses that have 5-9% fat content.
  • In order to cut calories and saturated fat, it is recommended to replace cream with yogurt.
  • It is recommended to choose sauces based on tomatoes, herbs, yogurt and olive oil rather than sauces based on cream.
  • It is recommended to prepare vegetable salads or sliced vegetables based on yogurt sauce or herbs. Salads based on oil, tahina and mayonnaise, are packed with calories and should therefore be consumed in small quantities.
  • For dessert, it is worthwhile to serve seasonal fruits or a fruit salad, instead of cakes, cookies and candy.
In pie recipes:

  • Choose pies based on cheese with a fat content of up to 5%.
  • Decorate the pie with yellow cheese that has fat content of up to 9% or with whole sesame rather than with fatty yellow cheese.
  • Include in the pies lots of vegetables, of a variety of types, colors and tastes, such as onion, leek, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach and cauliflower.
  • Use a variety of herbs and spices. You will thus be able to reduce salt intake, and vary the flavors of the pies.
In cake and dessert recipes:

  • Serve fresh seasonal fruits as one of the ingredients of the dessert/ cake, as a side-dish to the dessert or even as a substitute for it.
  • It is recommended to use sweet cream that contains 10-15% fat rather that 22% or 38% fat.
  • In recipes that call for the use of two containers of sweet cream- replace one of them with an identical amount of soft white cheese with 5% fat content.
  • In some of the recipes, it is possible and worthwhile to reduce the amount of sugar. 
Additional Information:
Food – Calories

  • A slice of yellow cheese – 80
  • A slice of cheese caked baked with dough – 400
  • A slice of cheese cake with no dough – 230-280
  • A cup of pasta with cream – 300
  • One blinze – 150
  • Cheese burekas – 200
  • Dairy lesagne – 420
  • One slice of pizza – 350