​In May 2012 the Ministry of Health received notice that the overseas manufacturer of the raw material for the Digoxin drug has discontinued the manufacture of the raw material that the Teva company uses in its manufacture. This medication is important in treating cardiac illnesses, and it is important to monitor its medical activity.The Ministry of Health has begun preparations for immediate evaluation of the alternatives to this medication. 
After Teva notified the Ministry of Health of the discontinuation of the manufacture of its medication, the Ministry prepared itself, along with the HMOs and the cardiologists and clinical pharmacologists to replace Teva’s Digoxin with another Digoxin. The various options were evaluated and the decision moving forward was to perform a quick search for a medical alternative in one of the advanced manufacturing countries, which are standards-compliant in terms of product quality, production and quality control. The task was to identify a Digoxin preparation from a well-known country, with broad clinical experience, which would subsequently be submitted for registration in the Preparation Register with a commitment to an ongoing supply stream. 
Trima identified a manufacturer / supplier of Digoxin from Spain, which meets the requirements:  Digoxina kern-Pharma 0.25mg/Tablet
A Circular of the Medical Administration has been written, containing treatment guidelines, and a suitable leaflet has been written as well, to be used as an insert in the medication packages. 
The new Digoxin will initially be administered in three medical centers while remaining under close supervision, as per the requirements of the Medical Administration. A month later, patients at the HMOs will also begin to receive the drug.