Knesset Director-General Ronen Plot on Monday briefed the Economic Affairs Committee on the ”Green Knesset” project, the flagship project of Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.

”Everything we said we set out to do a year ago has been done,” he told the committee. ”Phase one of the `Green Knesset` project is nearing its completion, and essentially we are already entering phase two of the project.”

”It is not always easy to instill habits which seemingly appear `odd.` For example, for years the Knesset members had been accustomed to working with pages and notes – and suddenly we are introducing tablets to the parliamentary work in the Knesset committees,” Plot explained. ”The tablets are replacing the paperwork and are saving a significant amount of paper. Two committees are already working with tablets, and many more will follow suit.”

”Soon we will be installing solar panels on the Knesset`s roofs – the crowning glory of `Green Knesset`. This will clearly make the Knesset the greenest parliament in the world. We believe this is a real message, and there is already interest in the `Green Knesset` project from parliaments around the world. I can say that the project is becoming a model for other parliaments. It is unprecedented, even on a global scale,” Plot added.

Knesset members who were present at the committee meeting, which was chaired by MK Hanna Swaid (Hadash), lauded the ”Green Knesset” project and the pace of its advancement.