In a joint raid by the Tel Aviv district health bureau and the police over the weekend, a large quantity of drugs was confiscated from the Neve Avivim nature store at 34 Yehuda Hanassi street, Ramat Aviv – Tel Aviv ​

Many drugs were confiscated this weekend in a joint raid by the Pharmacology department of the Tel Aviv district health bureau and police officers from the Yarkon precinct of the Tel Aviv police force. The raid took place at the Neve Avivim nature house at 34 Yehuda Hanassi street in Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, after information reached the Ministry of Health that a “medicine dealing center” was operating in the nature house.
The raid uncovered large quantities of drugs, including psychiatric, hormonal, pain killing, antibiotics, impotency, anti-infection, hypertension, hyperthyroid drugs and others.
The Ministry of Health inspectors confiscated all of the drugs.
The proprietor of the nature house, Mr. Ram Friedman, is a pharmacist whose license was revoked for 18 months by the Ministry of Health recently in a disciplinary proceeding, after he was found guilty of trading in “second hand” drugs and of selling drugs from unknown origin – violations which he committed while acting as the pharmacist in a pharmacy which operated at the same address and which was closed down in 2009 under a warrant of closure issued by the Ministry of Health’s district surgeon.
Friedman, who resisted the inspection, also refused to disclose to the Ministry of Health’s inspectors the identity of his sources for the drugs which he had purchased, a fact which exacerbated the Ministry of Health team’s fears that the drugs may be stolen or counterfeited.
The Ministry of Health once again warns that drugs must not be purchased at nature houses.
Drugs confiscated from the “Neve Avivim” nature store in Tel Aviv