Pfizer Ltd., the manufacturer of a medicine called Epanutin for the treatment of epilepsy, has notified the Pharmaceuticals Division of the Ministry of Health of expected disruptions in the supply of the medicine in the coming months as a result of a global shortage of the raw material from which the medicine is manufactured.
The Ministry of Health is preparing to deal with the temporary shortage of this medicine, and has located alternative sources for the procurement of appropriate alternatives to the medicine. 
The Ministry has convened a meeting of professionals, including epilepsy specialists, representatives of the HMOs (kupot cholim), clinical pharmacologists and pharmacists in order to set down professional guidelines for the possibility of substituting the medicine with an alternative medicine.
The Ministry will later publicize up-to-date guidelines for physicians, pharmacists and patients.
Patients treated with this medicine are asked to keep up with the guidelines published on the Ministry of Health website.