​The Medical Professions Licensing Department in the Ministry of Health has recently taken another step towards promoting submission of requests for licenses to practice medicine for doctors who have completed their internship and are intended to begin their specialization in the hospital where they did their internship.

An alternative process for submitting documents to the Ministry of Health has been constructed, which will be carried out by the hospital in an organized manner, rather than individually by the doctor.
The proposed process will transfer ownership of the process of obtaining the license to the hospital, throughout all of the phases of the submission of the request, with the exception of the inspection and approval of the documents, which will be done by The Medical Professions Licensing Department. 
Through this process, situations will be avoided in which the doctor or the hospital do not have clear visibility of the time when the license to practice medicine will be received.
A number of hospitals have already begun the process, among them Poriah, Nahariya, and Wolfson.