Extension of the Deadline for arranging Legal Standing in the Following Professions: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Nutrition-Dietetics ​

Since the Medical Professions Law came into force, most practitioners of health care professions have regularized their legal standing and have arranged the issue of a certificate of profession.
There are, however, isolated cases of practitioners who did not apply on time to receive a certificate, and the regularization of their legal standing under the transitional provisions could not be effected.
Following reconsideration of this issue, it has been decided to allow an additional opportunity for longstanding practitioners who hold neither an academic degree in the health care profession as required by the law nor a Status Recognition Certificate that was in force on 22-Jul-2005, who worked in the health care profession in Israel for at least 5 years prior to 30-Jan-2009, and who missed the stipulated deadline for lodging an application, to lodge an application to receive a certificate under the transitional provisions of the law, notwithstanding that the letter of the law does not require such an additional opportunity to be offered.
If their education is recognized as "appropriate education", they will be given the opportunity to successfully take one of the two special examination times that will be held at the times of the next examinations. 
This is the last chance to regularize the standing of these longstanding practitioners who have not yet, as mentioned above, regularized their standing, with the law having come into effect, to successfully take the special examinations and receive a certificate. After these dates, they will have to complete a bachelor’s degree and successfully take the examination for receiving the certificate.
Since the closest examination date for some of the professions is coming up soon, we request that the content of this announcement be distributed to all members of the profession known to you, in order to enable those who meet these criteria to convey their applications promptly, accompanied by all required documents detailed on the website of the Medical Professions Licensing Department, on the website of the Department of Health.