The Ministry of Health is Holding a Special Fair for Art and Craft Work of Persons Undergoing Rehabilitation in the field of Mental Health ​For the sixth consecutive year, the Ministry of Health is holding a fair displaying rehabilitative achievement, with the approach of the festival of Passover. Proceeds will be dedicated to the advancement and good of those undergoing rehabilitation.
This fair is being held with the support of Mr. Dov Passat, senior deputy director in the Human Resources Administration.
Some of the people employed in rehabilitation workshops located around the country, who cope with their difficulties bravely and with determination, will take part in the fair. Their art and craft work will be sold at attractive prices: designed gifts from beads and ceramics for the office and the home, wooden toys, pots, recycled and decorated paper products, jewelery, textiles and more.
This principled activity has become a tradition in the Ministry of Health and it constitutes a model for contributing for the community of persons undergoing mental health rehabilitation in Israel, and for the sixth year the fair is being organized by the welfare and mental health services domain of the Ministry of Health.
The fair will be held on Sunday, 6 Nissan 5773, 17 March 2013, between 9:30 and 14:30, in the courtyard of our new abode at the Migdalei HaBira Building, 39 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem.