Finance Committee Chairman Nissan Slomiansky (HaBayit HaYehudi) said Tuesday that if the State does not help the Israel Electric Corporation collect the Palestinian Authority`s debt, the committee will consider turning to the High Court of Justice in order to settle the issue.

”The citizens of Israel should not have to fund the Israel Electric Corporation`s deficits, which stem in part from not collecting the PA`s debt,” he said.

”Israel`s citizens should perhaps protest by not paying their electricity bills. Alternately, the government should decide to fund the IEC`s deficits by diverting money from the state`s coffers,” Slomiansky argued.

During the meeting, IEC Chairman Yiftach Ron-Tal said that had the IEC been a private company, it would have cut off the supply of electricity to the Palestinian Authority ”a long time ago.” According to Ron-Tal, the Palestinian debt stands at NIS 1.4 billion. ”Had it been a regular citizen who was not paying his debt, we would have cut him off within a week, but in this case, despite the company`s huge deficit, we are forced to continue supplying electricity to the PA,” he added. ”Our owner is the state, and it should reach a decision on the matter. This debt must be collected.”

Ron-Tal said he has information indicating that even when the PA collects funds from its citizens, it uses these funds for other purposes since no one forces it pay its debt to the IEC.