In the framework of improving the accessibility of information about the findings of supervision conducted by Public Health Services, it has been decided to commence the publication of findings of the supervision of eateries.
It is intended, at this stage to bring to the public’s attention the findings of supervision that the Health Bureaus conduct for the purpose of approval of applications for business licenses for restaurants.
It should be emphasized that this constitutes the opinion of the Ministry of Health only, but does not indicate the status of the license, which depends on additional parties, and is granted by the local government authorities.
At this stage, the findings of the Haifa District Health Bureau, for the month of January, 2013, are being publicized as a pilot project. The findings include the summary of each business’ final grade, as regards sanitation, as per the standard national inspection report form, by the detailed indicators method.
It is intended to gradually broaden the reporting to additional places in the Haifa District, and then to gradually build up to national coverage, taking into account lessons learned from the pilot stage.
  • The Full Announcement, Including Findings (Hebrew)