Schabas’ resignation is yet another achievement of Israeli diplomacy, and of the dedicated work of the Foreign Ministry staff.

 FM Liberman on the resignation of William Schabas


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(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman commented on the resignation of William Schabas from the chairmanship of the UN Commission of Inquiry regarding the fighting in Gaza. FM Liberman stated that the resignation will not affect the Commission’s findings, which are as prejudiced as the body that established it, whose sole purpose is bashing and attacking Israel. The resignation serves to highlight once more the character of the Commission’s members and its inherent bias.

Minister Liberman stated that Schabas’ resignation is another victory for Israeli diplomacy and the hard work of Israel’s Foreign Affairs representatives, and serves to show that even the biggest hypocrites in the international organs cannot ignore the fact that Schabas’ appointment to investigate Israel was akin to the appointment of Cain to investigate the murder of Abel.