FM Livni praised British FM Straw and French FM Douste-Blazy for their countries’ position on Iranian nuclear research.


(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Freign Minister Tzipi Livni today (Wednesday, 8 March 2006) spoke by phone with her British and French counterparts, Jack Straw and Philippe Douste-Blazy, and praised them for their countries’ position on Iranian nuclear research.

Foreign Minister Livni thanked them for the determined positions of Britain and France against allowing any nuclear research and development by Iran.

Straw and Douste-Blazy indicated that this is a position of principle and will not be compromised.

Last month Israel welcomed the decision by the International Atomic Energy Agency on February 4 to bring the issue of the Iranian nuclear program to the United Nations Security Council. Israel expressed hope that the international community will act decisively and expeditiously, conveying a clear message to Teheran that it must put a complete and immediate end to its nuclear activities and understand that, if it continues with its aggressive nuclear program, it will endanger its relationships with the community of nations.