FM Peres Meeting with Representatives of the TIPH

(Communicated by Uri Palti, Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

April 6, 1994

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, together with Foreign Ministry Director General Savir, OC Central Command Danny Yatom and senior officers, met yesterday (Tuesday), 5.4.94, with heads of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron. At the meeting with the Norwegian, Danish and Italian representatives, methods of coordination and liaison were discussed, prior to the start of the foreign teams’ activity.

Foreign Minister Peres noted that he sees the role of the International Presence as not only technical, but also in the human and social realm

as well. He added that the people who arrive will have to calm local residents and quiet the atmosphere. The Foreign Minister emphasized that life in Hebron will quickly return to normal.

Foreign Ministry Director-General Uri Savir described the mechanism at

the Cairo talks which led to agreement with the Palestinians on the Temporary International Presence. Mr. Savir emphasized the importance which he ascribes to the countries which are members of the International Presence being among those countries contributing to the Autonomy, due to the importance of the economic component in the overall effort to restore life in the territories to normal.

OC Central Command, Maj.-Gen. Danny Yatom, described the current situation in Hebron to the representatives of the International Presence. He discussed the various organizations operating in the city

and elaborated on the security aspects involved with the Presence being

in Hebron.

The Norwegian representative, Kyle Johanson, who heads the visiting team, expressed his thanks for the Israeli Government’s reception. He noted the complexity of the mission facing the members of the team, and expressed his hope that their presence would contribute both to promoting a feeling of security and to the peace process.

Another meeting to sum up matters will take place towards the end of the representatives’ visit in Israel.