Jerusalem, 23 November 1994


(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

A Foreign Ministry delegation, yesterday (Tuesday), 22.11.94, held talks in Amman with a parallel Jordanian delegation.

It was decided to establish a steering committee to deal with all development programs for the Jordan Valley, the Arava, and the Gulf of Eilat.

The steering committee will be headed by Dr. Munzar Hadadin and Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General for Economics, Dr. Oded Aran.

The various Government ministries which have formulated development plans will be represented on the steering committee which will convene, alternatively, in Jordan and Israel.

Similarly, two subcommittees will be established, one for projects and one to raise the financial resources for the various projects.

The European Commission, Italy, and the World Bank have already expressed their willingness to finance feasibility studies for a number of projects.

In the coming weeks, Jordanian and Israeli teams will hold discussions with these groups in order to determine a timetable for conducting the studies.