Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein eulogized Yizhak Berman, Speaker of the ninth Knesset, and said: ”The late Yitzhak Berman was a symbol of sensitive and reliable leadership, a leadership surrounded with integrity and modesty. Yitzhak Berman got to live long, but the grief on his death is also the pain of the end of a generation. A generation that invested all it had on establishing of the country of Israel, making it a strong, fierce country with a strong tradition of democracy. The Knesset is lowering its head in the memory of this honest man who stood at the head of it and loyally served the entire nation.”

His funeral will take place this evening at 18:00 in Mount Herzl in Helkat Gedoley Ha`Uma (the pantheon for the great leaders of the nation).

Yitzhak Berman was born on 1913 and died at the age of 100. He came to Israel on 1920 from Ukraine. In 1937, he joined the National Military Organization in the Land of Israel (Irgun) and worked at the organization`s intelligence department. In 1948 he was drafted to the IDF and was discharged with the rank of Major.

Berman was the speaker of the ninth Knesset in behalf of the Likud. At the tenth Knesset he was the Minister of Energy and National Infrastructures until he quit from the Knesset in September 1982, because of his reservation regarding its stand on starting an investigation committee to look at the events of Sabra and Shatila during the Lebanon War.

The Knesset Guard will escort his coffin on his last road.

Let him be of blessed memory.