Goods, people and construction materials continue to cross through to the Gaza Strip, despite the rockets launched at Israeli civilian targets and even at the crossings themselves.

 Gaza Strip: Civil activity is going on despite the recent escalation in the security situation


Israel transfers hundreds of truckloads of goods through the Kerem Shalom land crossing (Photo: IDF Spokesperson)

COGAT – Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories

Since Thursday, August 18, the terror organizations have launched more than 147 rockets, mortar shells and Grad missiles towards the Israeli civilian population. During these attacks, one Israeli was killed and 13 others were injured, including one severely.
These attacks began after a series of terror attacks near the Egyptian border north of Eilat, in which 8 Israelis were killed.

In spite of these attacks, Israel has approved the opening of the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip:

Erez Crossing
Since the begining of the escalation 156 people have passed through the crossing, despite the 2 rockets that were launched at the crossing:
o 100 patients and companions exited for medical treatment in Israel.
o 56 foreign international organization staff members crossed though the crossing (28 entered Israel and 19 exited to the Gaza Strip).

Kerem Shalom Crossing
The crossing operated, despite a rocket launched at it yesterday. 
The crossing operated for a few hours, under threat, for the transfer of 80 truckloads of goods (2,554 tons) and 46 tons of cooking gas:
o 13 truckloads of fruits and vegetables.
o 5 truckloads of meat and fish.
o 3 truckloads of dairy products
o 23 truckloads of mixed grain for animal feed.
o 9 truckloads of mixed food products
o UNRWA transferred 21 truckloads of construction materials and 6 truckloads of flour.