This week, 1,409 truckloads (42,820 tons) of goods entered the Gaza Strip via the crossings, in addition to exports from the Gaza Strip.

 Gaza Strip land crossings weekly status report 20-26 March 2011


IDF archive photo

Communicated by COGAT – Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Ministry of Defense


  • Overall, 1,417 truckloads (42,820 tons) were unloaded at the crossings.
  • Heavy-duty diesel for the power plant is delivered directly from Egypt; therefore, no diesel is transferred from Israel.

Erez Crossing

  • 154 international organization staff members entered Israel.
  • 179 international organization staff members entered the Gaza Strip.
  • 374 patients and accompanying individuals crossed into Israel and the West Bank.

Kerem Shalom

  • 1,048 truckloads (24,820 tons) were imported to the Gaza Strip.
  • No heavy-duty diesel was transferred for the power plant.
  • 823 tons of cooking gas was transferred.

Transfer of aggregates from Sufa area
361 truckloads (18,000 tons) were imported to the Gaza Strip.

8 truckloads of flowers were exported from the Gaza Strip this week.

Goods Delivered into the Gaza Strip
Goods                      Truckloads
Food Products 
       Wheat  93
       Milk Powder and Baby Food 1
       Rice 19
       Cooking Oil 17
       Produce (Fruits and Vegetables) 52
       Meat, Chicken and Fish Products 45
       Salt 6
       Dairy Products 39
       Flour 54
       Legumes 2
       Sugar 1
       Mixed/ Additional Food Products 141
      Total Food Products 470
Construction Materials 
       Aggregates 362
       Cement 24
       Glass , Aluminum and Wood Profiles 37
       Iron 2
      Total Construction Materials 425
Animal Food 84
Ceramics and Plumbing  85
Electrical Products 36
Inputs for Agriculture 32
Hygiene Products 33
Medicine and Medical Equipment 5
Clothing and Footwear 19
Essential Humanitarian Products 138
Mixed/ Additional Products 66
Transportation  5
Textile (blankets, mattresses, sheets) 11
Total Truckloads            1,409
Total Weight (tons)      42,820