This week 847 truckloads of goods were unloaded at the crossings, as well as 684 tons of cooking gas.

 Gaza Strip land crossings weekly status report-24-30 April 2011


IDF archive photo

Communicated by Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT)

  – Overall, 846 truckloads (20,026 tons) were delivered to Gaza via the crossings.
  – Heavy-duty diesel fuel for the power plant is delivered directly from Egypt as per the Palestinians’ decision; therefore, no diesel is transferred from Israel.
  – On April 25th, the crossings were closed due to the Passover holy day. 

[5% decrease in the number of people that crossed through the Erez crossing]

113 international organization staff members entered Israel.
118 international organization staff members entered the Gaza Strip.
275 patients and accompanying individuals crossed into Israel and the West Bank.

[169% increase in the number of truckloads delivered to the Gaza Strip]

846 truckloads (20,026 tons) were imported to the Gaza Strip.
684 tons of cooking gas were transferred.

One truckload of flowers was exported from the Gaza Strip this week.
* The export season of agriculture produce is about to end.

Private sector vs. international organizations
Out of a total of 846 truckloads, 694 were imported by the private sector and 152 were imported by the international organizations in the Gaza Strip.

Goods Delivered into the Gaza Strip
Goods – Truckloads
Food Products
      Legumes 1
      Rice 19
      Wheat  18
      Cooking Oil 4
      Produce (Fruits and Vegetables) 56
      Meat, Chicken and Fish Products 19
      Salt 1
      Dairy Products 48
      Flour 123
      Sugar 7
      Mixed/ Additional Food Products 81
     Total Food Products 377
Construction Materials 
      Cement 18
      Iron 8
      Glass , Aluminum and Wood Profiles 46
     Total Construction Materials 72
Animal Food 110
Ceramics and Plumbing  82
Electrical Products 36
Inputs for Agriculture 15
Hygiene Products 13
Medicine and Medical Equipment 3
Clothing and Footwear 15
Essential Humanitarian Products 94
Mixed/ Additional Products 19
Transportation (oil, spare parts)  1
Vehicles  9
Total Truckloads 846
Total Weight (tons) 20,026