1315 truckloads of goods were delivered from Israel to Gaza, while over 120 missiles were launched from Gaza towards Israel.

 Gaza Strip land crossinigs weekly status report


IDF archive photo

1315 truckloads (34,657 tons) were unloaded at the crossings this week.

Security situation: Between August 18th and August 21st, 127 rockets and mortar shells were launched towards Israel.  

83 international organization staff members entered Israel.
126 international organization staff members entered the Gaza Strip.
283 patients and accompanying individuals crossed into Israel and the West Bank.

2.33% increase in the number of truckloads delivered into the Gaza Strip
1315 truckloads (34,657 tons) were imported to the Gaza Strip, including 424 truckloads of aggregates (16,960 tons).

675 tons of cooking gas were transferred.

Detailed Itemization of Truckloads Delivered to the Gaza Strip
Private Sector (blue) vs. International Organizations (yellow)

 Gaza Strip land crossinigs weekly status report

Goods — Truckloads
Food Products
      Wheat 33
      Cooking Oil 16
      Produce (Fruits and Vegetables) 80
      Meat, Chicken and Fish Products 49
      Rice 6
      Dairy Products 31
      Legumes  1
      Flour 25
      Mixed/ Additional Food Products 83
      Sugar 1
     Total Food Products      325
Construction Materials 
      Aggregates 424
      Cement 16
      Iron 9
      Glass , Aluminum and Wood Profiles 22
     Total Construction Materials      471
Animal Food 120
Ceramics and Plumbing  121
Electrical Products 32
Inputs for Agriculture 14
Hygiene Products 26
Medicine and Medical Equipment 8
Clothing and Footwear 24
Essential Humanitarian Products 116
Mixed/ Additional Products 47
Vehicles  11
Total Truckloads                    1,315
Total Weight (tons)              36,558