In accordance with the wishes of Director-General Ronen Plot, a charging station has been installed in the Knesset parking lot. This directive is another part of the ”Green Knesset” program, championed by Speaker of the Knesset, MK Yuli-Yoel Edelstein and the director general. The program`s goal is to take the Knesset into the age of sustainability. In the next two years, different projects will be carried out whose goal is to save energy and water. NIS 7 million will be invested, but this money should come back from the yearly savings after 5 years. The yearly savings will be NIS 1.5 million.

The charging station is a differential one so it will work with a number of electric cars that are found on the market today. The station is intended for use by Knesset guests and for the electric cars purchased by the Knesset. Additionally, the infrastructure for more charging stations is being prepared now. At the entrance to the parking garage a sign will be put up directing the electric cars to the charging stations and with a telephone number of an expert refueler from the Knesset to operate the station. Director-General Plot said that ”The Knesset is making the environment a top priority with the `Green Knesset` project, and the matter of charging stations for electric cars is a necessary part of the process. There are electric cars that come to the Knesset and it is important to allow for charging. Additionally, the Knesset will consider adding electric and hybrid cars to its leasing options for MKs and Knesset employees.”

At the same time as the installation of the charging stations, the Knesset, which launched the ”Green Knesset” project in January, finished the first round of one of the most important aspects of the project, teaching the Knesset employees about the value of sustainability. Six lessons have already been given and all of the Knesset employees have taken part (participation is mandatory). After this series of lessons, the Knesset employees are now knowledgeable about the environment. The lessons also dealt with practical questions about how to run a green office and how to turn the Knesset to a place where the environment is on everybody`s mind all of the time.

For more information and to set up interviews: Dr. Samuel Chayen, ”Green Knesset” project speaker,