Ha’aretz publishes US Timetable Document –
17 January 2000

Time Line

[Note: This Annex sould set out the temporal sequence of steps for implementation of the Treaty. The following text identifies only some of the issues that may be addressed in the Time Line. The Time Line likely will be grouped into two phases [?S] or three phases [?I]; this text merely lists selected issues in a non-chronological order.]

1. End of State of War – Entry into Peace.

2. Confirmation/Establishment of International Boundary – Entry into Force.

3. Establishment and Phased Imiplementation of Security Arrangements – [Correlated to phases.]

4. Completion of Phased Withdrawal/Relocation of Israeli armed forces – [?S: 16 months] [?I: 48 months]

5. Establishment of Diplomatic Relations [?I: 30 days] [?S: Upon completion of Israeli withdrawal]

6. Exchange of Resident Ambassadors – [?I: 30 days] [?S: Upon completion of Israeli withdrawal]

7. Removal of Boycotts – [?I: Entry into force] [?S: At end of first phase]

8. Other Elements of Normal, Peaceful Relations – [? – May Vary by Topic]

9. Enactment of Implementing Legislation and Repeal of Inconsistent Legislation – [?I: 3 months] [?S: ?]

10. Notifications Under Multilateral Conventions [?]