(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

In a joint operation during the night, the IDF and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) arrested the terrorist Wajdi Azami Savti Juda, 27, from the village of Irak-A-Taya who now lives in Nablus.

Wajdi served as the head of the Democratic Front terrorist organization in Nablus, initiated and led terrorist attacks and was wanted by Israeli Security Forces since February 2002.

Wajadi Juda, was in contact with PFLP terrorists Yaman Faraj and Amjad Malitat who were killed after firing at IDF forces and attempting to flee during an arrest operation by Israeli security forces on July 6, 2004. Juda was also involved in dispatching terrorist attacks along with the Tanzim terrorist infrastructure in Nablus and established terrorist cells in villages near Nablus.

In recent years Juda was involved in directing deadly terrorist attacks in Israel. Among them, the suicide bombing in the Geha junction on December 25, 2003, in which four Israeli civilians were killed and dozens were injured. Wajadi Juda recruited the terrorist who dispatched the suicide bomber and the Tanzim terrorist organization, were responsible for the attack. Furthermore, Juda was involved in numeric shooting attacks on roads which are used by Israeli civilians and IDF forces. 

Recently, the IDF and the ISA succeeded in arresting a large group of terrorists who collaborated with Wajadi Juda, who were recruited and dispatched to carry out terrorist attacks by him. The terrorists were arrested before they managed to carry out the planned attacks.