IDF soldier inspects bunker

 Hizbullah bunkers uncovered on Israeli border


IDF Spokesman

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)
In the past two days IDF forces conducted searches in Israeli territory beyond the security fence, along the western part of the international border with Lebanon. The forces uncovered two connected bunkers which had been used by the Hizbullah terrorist organization, apparently as a forward base for its operations. Inside the bunkers forces found food, shovels and other equipment. The bunkers were detonated in a controlled environment by IDF engineering forces.

The goal of the search operation was to prevent Hizbullah terrorists from returning to posts they had manned before the recent war. The operation is part of the IDF’s new operational activity along Israel’s northern border, a result of the recent war aimed to increase the effectiveness of defensive activity in the area.

It is emphasized that the searches, despite being conducted beyond the security fence, were limited to Israeli territory south of the international border.