The Ministry of Health has received information from the Canadian Ministry of Health warning against the use of the diagnostic kits made by the Canadian manufacturer, due to problems with the manufacturer’s quality assurance system.
​The company’s products in Israel do not have a valid registration in the medical equipment registry (the department of Medical Devices and Accessories registry). In Israel, the Zer Hitech Ltd. company markets kits made by the Canadian manufacturer or of local manufacture, using the Canadian company’s raw materials.The Ministry of Health recommends not to use this company’s home pregnancy kits. As for the rest of the products, the testing is still in progress. Women who have used the kit are advised to consult their caregiver physician, and to consider repeating the tests using approved kits. The Ministry of Health has also instructed the Zer company to recall the test kits off the retail shelves. The Ministry is monitoring compliance with these instructions.
The Ministry of Health warns the public against use of products which do not bear a valid certificate of registration from the Ministry of Health (a Department of Medical Devices and Accessories approval).