In the wake of the devastating storms and heavy rains which hit the country recently, the State of Israel through MASHAV is sending a special cargo containing concentrated food to disaster stricken Madagascar.

 Humanitarian assistance to Madagascar


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Madagascar, the world;s fourth biggest island, is prone to cyclones and tropical storms, particularly during the rainy season between January and April. This year saw the strongest tropical cyclone so far, which hit the south-west coast of the island on February 22, 2015, affecting over 23,000 people who are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.
Israel’s Ambassador to Madagascar Yoram Elron conveyed to the Head of MASHAV Ambassador Gil Haskel, Madagascar’s official request for assistance. It was decided that the most effective aid will be the provision of life-saving concentrated food which can sustain a person for few days.
MASHAV, in partnership with Israel’s Medical Emergency Service – Magen David Adom – in South Africa (MDA-SA) arranged the purchase of fortified, precooked food kits from e’Pap, especially formulated to restore optimum micronutrient status and fight malnutrition.
A shipment containing over 100,000 rations is ready to leave South Africa on its way to Madagascar. Upon arrival, it will be transferred to the local Red Cross for distribution to the most affected victims.
 Humanitarian assistance to Madagascar