This month saw an increase in goods delivered to Gaza. International projects are ongoing: 163 approved, 35 completed and 57 under implementation.

 Humanitarian & civilian activities towards the Gaza Strip-monthly report for August 2011


IDF archive photo

Communicated by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT)

The following is a report on the civilian and humanitarian activities carried out by the Israeli authorities during the month of August 2011:

Main Points
  – There was a 2% increase in the volume of truckloads transferred through the crossings comparison with last month.  
  – There was a 7% increase in the number of patients and accompanying individuals who entered Israel for medical purposes.
  – Until today 163 projects funded by the international community were approved, of which 35 were completed and 57 are under implementation.
  – During the month, the coordination with representatives of the PA continued – 44 meetings were held.
  – There was a 0.6 increase in the number of foreign staff members of the international community that entered Gaza this month.

Movement and Permits
– In August, 2705 Palestinians exited the Gaza Strip through Erez Crossing. 
– Overall, 2,853 permits were issued to Palestinians, allowing them to cross through Erez, including:
     o 1,201 permits for medical cases (603 patients and 598 accompanying individuals), enabling them to receive medical treatment in Israel, the West Bank and abroad;
     o 53 permits for international organizations employees.
     o 70 permits for traveling abroad.  
– 1,130 businessmen exited the Gaza Strip.

Project Implementation
  International Projects Status: Until today 163 projects have been approved, of which 35 have been completed and 62 are being implemented.

Humanitarian Infrastructure
 –  Israel maintained a continuous supply of electricity and water to the Gaza Strip.
  – 4 truckloads of equipment were delivered for the electric network.
  – 4 truckloads of equipment were delivered for the communication network.

International Organizations
  – During the month 21 diplomatic delegations entered the Gaza strip.  
  – 49 foreign staff members of international organization crossed.
  – During this month, 53 Palestinian international organizations employees crossed.
  – 13.5 million USD were transferred for UNRWA.
  – Overall, 701 truckloads were delivered for the international Organizations.

Crossings’ Activity

During the month, 5,087 truckloads were delivered into the Gaza Strip through Kerem Shalom Crossing, including:
     o 81 truckloads of clothing and footwear;
     o 149 truckloads of electric products;
     o 1,609 truckloads of food;
     o 1,408 truckloads of construction materials;
     o 155 truckloads of inputs for agriculture.
The transfer of cooking gas continued throughout the month; overall, 3,351 tons of cooking gas were transferred into the Gaza Strip.

Good Delivered to the Gaza Strip, by category

Product             Truckloads
Food Products 
      Milk Powder & Baby Formula 31
      Rice 57
      Wheat 168
      Produce (Fruits & Vegetables) 366
      Meat / Chicken / Fish Products 253
      Dairy Products 148
       Sugar 5
      Legumes 3
      Flour  119
      Cooking Oil 46
      Salt 10
      Mixed/Additional Food Products 403
     Total of Food Products 1,609
Construction Materials
     Aggregates 1226
     Glass, Wood Profiles and Aluminum Profiles 131
     Cement 39
     Iron 12
     Total of Construction Materials 1,408
Inputs for Agriculture 155
Electric Products 149
Clothing & Footwear 81
Animal Feed 498
Hygiene Products 105
Plumbing and Ceramics  281
Essential Humanitarian Products 590
Medicine and Medical Equipment 42
Mixed Products 169
Total Truckloads           5,087
Total Weight               138,029