(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)
Tonight, the IDF carried out aerial attacks against money changers’ offices and businesses in the Gaza Strip which have been transferring funds from Iran, Syria and Lebanon for the funding of the terrorist activities of Hamas and other organizations.

Millions of dollars have been transferred each month to terror organizations in the Gaza Strip, which has enabled the purchase and manufacture of weaponry and the carrying out of attacks against Israeli civilians, including Kassam launchings.

During the past week close to 200 Kassam rockets were launched at Israel, killing a woman, injuring dozens and causing significant damage to property. Most of the Kassam rockets were launched by the Hamas terror organization.

The funds transferred to the terror organizations are a central motivator to their violent and aggressive activity against Israeli civilians. These funds help maintain and extend the terrorist infrastructures while increasing the supply of weapons at their disposal, paying terror operatives and enabling them to train.