Controlled explosion of device near Lebanese border (Feb 5)

 IDF activity along the border with Lebanon


IDF Spokesman

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)
Last night (February 7), following the incident in which four explosive devices planted by Hizbullah were uncovered on Monday (February 5), IDF engineering forces operated in the area where the explosive devices were found. It is important to emphasize that the entire activity took place within Israeli territory, south of the international border.

The aim of the operation was to confirm that no additional explosive devices are located in the area and to make it difficult for the Hizbullah terror organization to conceal explosive devices in the area in the future.

The operation was coordinated with UNIFIL. During the activity, Lebanese army forces fired shots into the air. The IDF conveyed a warning through UNIFIL clarifying that it has no intentions of attacking the Lebanese army, although the IDF will respond if attacked. After a second shot was fired in the air by the Lebanese army, the IDF notified UNIFIL of the violation by the Lebanese army, calling for a halt to the fie. Despite the warnings, the Lebanese army opened fire at the IDF force operating within Israeli territory. The IDF force responded with fire towards the source of Lebanese fire.

The IDF will continue to operate in order to maintain Israel’s sovereignty and to implement UN Resolution 1701.