Tanzim terrorist killed during arrest operation in Nablus
(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

During a security forces arrest operation in Nablus on Monday night 14 wanted terrorists were arrested and one, Basem Hamis Mutztafa Abu-Suria, a wanted Tanzim terrorist, was killed. Basem Suria, 32, also known as "Kadafi", was one of Fadi Kapisha’s assistants. Kapisha, a senior wanted terror-operative in Samaria, was killed by IDF forces in 2006.

Recently, Basem Suria established himself as one of the senior leaders of the Tanzim terror organization in Nablus. Basem Suria began his involvement with terror during Kapisha’s time and was involved in the execution of dozens of shooting attacks, the detonation of explosive devices at IDF soldiers as well as planning suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. During this period, he developed the skills to make explosive materials and explosive devices and belts, which he also sold to other terrorist organizations in the city of Nablus.

Despite the amnesty agreement, Basem Suria continued his involvement in the terrorist organization and continued to carry hand grenades and a rifle.

In recent months, after he established himself as one of the leaders of the Tanzim organization, Basem Suria operated as a part of joint Hamas and Tanzim cells and even strengthened his ties with the Hizbullah terrorist organization in Lebanon.

Suicide bombers arrested; weapons caches in civilian homes uncovered
(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

In a joint IDF and ISA operation in Nablus on October 16, 2007, forces arrested two wanted Palestinians, one of whom was involved in planning a suicide bombing to be carried out in Israel.

The two terror operatives are Baher Saliman Abdallah Huash, 28, member of Hamas, and Abdallah Saliman Abdallah Huash, 35, member of Tanzim. Baher Huash was involved in planning the suicide attack.

Two hidden weaponry caches were uncovered in a civilian residence during IDF searches, and contained a mortar shell and two M-16 rifles. The weaponry was detonated in a controlled manner by sappers.

During the operation, a force identified a Palestinian child as he was planting a suspicious object on the ground. The child then ran away from the scene. The force fired at the object, which was found to be an explosive device when it exploded.

On Wednesday (17 Oct), an explosive device was uncovered in the pocket of a Palestinian in a routine IDF check at the Hawara checkpoint, south of Nablus. The explosive device was detonated in a controlled manner by Border Police sappers.

Over the past week, forces uncovered a hunting rifle, four handguns, a pipe bomb, ammunition clips, a knife and additional ammunition.

A female Israeli civilian was lightly wounded from rocks hurled at her vehicle while she was traveling near the Israeli community of Yitzhar.

Forces arrested two militants who hurled 5 Molotov cocktails at an Israeli vehicle.

Overall, IDF forces arrested 49 wanted terror operatives in the past week in Judea and Samaria.

Palestinians activated an explosive device and opened fire on four occasions at IDF and Israeli Police forces.